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SongGram Music Productions is a music production company who write, record and produce master recordings for singers and aspiring recording artists. We develop and guide the artist through the maze of the music industry. We are Grammy Nominated Songwriters and Producers.


mySonggram - Place to Record Your Songs, Get Help with Songwriting, Producing and RecordingWe assist in all aspects of creating songs that fit your style and vocal range. We craft lyrics and melodies that fit the genre youíve chosen. We help you perfect your craft if you are a songwriter already. Assistance in collaboration and or perfecting your songwriting craft is available if you are looking to write songs for other artists. Read more about help with songwriting...


mySonggram - Get Help wiith RecordingWe record in our personal recording studio using the latest state-of-the-art professional equipment with experienced sound engineers. With unique software programs and the highest quality microphones, we insure that your vocals are in tune and sound the best they possibly can. Our musicians have been on Grammy Nominated recordings and every instrument is available or at our disposal for use in your songs. We also have access to great singers for back-ups or lead vocals as well. We make the process of recording fun, exciting, rewarding and easy. We can also work long distance if you have a computer and access to recording equipment. Read more about how the recording process works.

Music Production

mySonggram - Help with Songwriting and RecordingOur Grammy Nominated music producers take a song from start to finish including the arrangement of all the instruments and vocals. From fully orchestrated productions with string arrangements or simple piano and guitar accompaniment to hip sampling and killer dance tracks, we are versed in all styles of music to bring each song to life.
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Finished Product

We edit, master and sequence your songs to be competitive sounding and ready for any format including CD, Vinyl, MP3, Digital Download or other.

Song Placement in Film & TV

Our extensive credits in placing songs in Film and TV number into the hundreds. We have publisher and music supervisor contacts that constantly request songs and music from our catalog. Weíve been placing songs for over 35 years in major films and network Television shows as well as theme songs and jingles.

Royalties / Performance Rights Societies (ASCAP, BMI)

We assist in walking you through the procedures of becoming affiliated with performance rights societies that collect royalties and monies owed to you once your songs are used in TV or Film. Our extensive knowledge of copyright and music clearance for TV and Film will be shared with you in order to protect your intellectual property known as a song or recording.

Making CDs or Vinyl Records

We can take your finished recordings and produce retail ready CDs and or Vinyl Records. Our experienced graphics department can design all the artwork. We have access to the best vendors to make any number of CDs. Vinyl Records and special orders are available as well. Read more about making CDs and Vinyl Records

Selling your music on iTunes, and digital download sites

Our artists and clients have songs and or their full albums being sold on iTunes, Streaming and other Digital Download sites. We show you how to utilize these services and begin selling your songs and or albums on using the internet. Note; (We are not a record company, so we donít promote or intend to imply that we can insure that you will sell your product on any site), but we do guarantee getting your music to these sites. It is up to the artist and or record company to promote and sell product.

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