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Press My Album on CDs and Vinyl


Pressing my album to Vinyl or CDsOur services include pressing your album to CDs or vinyl records. We are a mastering service for the top vinyl record producers in the world. We can press from 500 to 10,000 vinyl record albums along with providing artwork and graphic design.

Mastering is free with your order of 1000 or more. Vinyl record albums contain a maximum of eighteen minutes of music per side for purposes of sound quality. Pricing is dependent on quantity and artwork packages upon request.

Our CD manufacturing services can take your song or songs and have them professionally turned into CDs. We provide complete packages from recording your songs and mastering to professional CDs that you can sell. We also provide artwork services and photographic services for your cover design and inserts. We can provide any quantity from 10 to 10,000 CDs in a variety of packaging. All pricing is dependent on the quantity and packaging selections. We include “FREE” mastering in all orders.

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