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Studio Recording Services

Las Vegas Pediatrician Dr. Tresa Chakkalakal, M.D., F.A.A.P., Hindi speaking pediatrician in Las VegasIf you are looking for professional studio recording services, you are in the right place. Studio recording is done with the latest software developments and digital Workstations.

Instruments and Sounds

We have a collection of guitars and amplifiers to produce any guitar sound along with a fine collection of acoustic six and twelve-string guitars, classical, and small four-string acoustic guitars.

We utilize a six-string bass and have many electric and synthesizer bass sounds. Our keyboard collection includes the unlimited sounds from the Yamaha Matrix and Oberheim 1000 along with the Abbey Road collection of instruments used in the famous Abbey Road Recording Studios in London, England. We have access to literally every sound that can possibly be made for studio recording sessions.

Because of our experience in scoring for movies and television, we also have an extensive library of classical sounds from real strings, brass and woodwinds to all the percussion and many concert grand pianos. Even ragtime piano and Pipe Organ, steam organ sounds from a bygone era are available. For a fraction of the cost to record a real orchestra, we can recreate the same sound and feel of a small orchestra to a full-blown philharmonic experience.

Musicians and Singers

During studio recording we utilize services of great session players capable of all styles and sounds. Our stable of vocalists include female, male, background, rap, country, choir, children, Spanish language, soul, country, alternative, specialty, auto-tuned, electronic robot, spoken word, and straight ahead pop.


MySongGram will record your song in any style or genre that you select. We walk you through the process of selecting all the elements and variations that can be chosen and used in your song. The mystery of recording a finished song is explained in detail so that you completely understand what you’re getting and how it will sound when finished.

We provide vocal services if you need someone to sing your song. Again we guide you through the process of selecting the right voice for a particular style that the song calls for. We also provide vocal arrangements for background parts and harmonies for the lead and back-up singers. Having access to a full range of singers allows us to bring your song to life in a very professional manner utilizing the right gender and sound for each individual song.


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