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Song Placement Service


Our song placement services provide the songwriter and artist the opportunity to have their music placed in a TV, Film or Commercial. We have placed hundreds of songs in television shows including Smallville, Americas Next Top Model, Lifetime Television Original Movies. We have placed songs in major ad campaigns and commercials including RollingStone Magazine, The Insider on CBS.

Our placements have appeared in major films such as Rocky, Beverly Hills Chihuahua, Days Of Thunder, “O”, Stayin’ Alive and many more. We work with some of the biggest music publishers in the music industry such as Sony / ATV, Music Sales West, Mar-tune Music and many others. Our credentials allow us to get requests for up coming programs and projects that need specific songs.

Our song shopping and placement services will help you get your songs placed so you can receive royalties every time they are played and used. We will guide you through the process of joining a performance rights society so your music can be tracked all over the world and collections made on your behalf for royalties owed to you on a monthly basis.

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