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Songwriting for a New Artist


Songwriting for a new ArtistOur service provides songs in all genres and styles for new and established recording artists. We can write and record demos of the songs with vocals in the desired key for the singer/artist to practice and perform. We also collaborate in the songwriting process if the artist has partial or finished ideas.

Our songwriting services can take just a title and complete an original song. We can take directions for tailoring a song to be similar to another song or style without infringing on the copyright of that original song.

Our Grammy-nominated songwriters are versed in constructing songs to fit any genre or style the artist desires. Our Grammy-nominated production team will record the original song for the new artist with or without a vocal so the new artist can learn the song. Our service has many options for the new artist to choose from to help them achieve their recording and songwriting goals.

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