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Write a Song for My Demo

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MySongGram can write a song for your demo and record it in the style and production that you need. Whether you have and idea for the lyrics or which artist you’d like it to sound like, we can accommodate your wishes. If you need a song demo for an audition or to put on your “myspace” or “facebook” page or just to send it to your friends and family, we can write and professionally record it. MySongGram will help you through the songwriting process no matter what stage of songwriting you are at. We will help with the lyrics and shape them into a song structure that can be put to original music. Whether you have the music or a melody or a chord progression in unfinished or finished form, we will guide you through the proper steps to have a complete song. We can also provide you with your own original song for any purpose. That would also include writing music to your lyrics or writing lyrics to your music and any combination thereof. There is no situation involving songwriting that we cannot accommodate.

Cost of Writing a Song for My Demo.

The cost of our songwriting services depends on the variables involved. That would include recording and production services as well. To give you a general idea of the cost of a single song that we write and record with standard instruments (guitars, bass, drums, keyboards and vocals) would begin at $299.