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Write Lyrics to My Song

From the beginning of time when folk songs and chanting of phrases would become popular ways of expressing an idea or just pleasing sounds put together with a beat, the song was born. Today, lyrics of all kinds sit either with a never ending array of sounds and beats or by themselves to form many genres of musical styles. Pop, Rap, Country, Dance and Blues are just a few of the genres that come to mind. Subject matter for the lyrics can come from any number of situations. Songwriting ServicesMany of the top songwriters begin the process by coming up with a catchy title or phrase that can be a cliché or something original. I’ve written many songs with Richie Sambora who is a member of the very successful band Bon Jovi and many times we spent days just coming up with interesting titles before engaging in writing the music. Just look at some of Bon Jovi’s hit songs: “Wanted Dead Or Alive”, “You Give Love A Bad Name” and “Living On A Prayer” - are examples of utilizing a title to dictate the songs content. On the other end of the spectrum, there are songwriters who approach their craft from many angles. Hearing a melody or chord structure may evoke a certain feeling that transcends itself into a lyrical idea. Hip-Hop music is so dependent on a beat that it’s almost crucial for the songwriter to write directly to the rhythm and beat.

There are no set rules to writing lyrics but there are patterns and common structures that appear. They could consist of writing an introduction to what is called the first verse which sets up what the song could be about and then goes on to further the story which could lead to a pre-chorus and then to the chorus which contains the title of the song. Again, I must emphasize that there are no boundaries in songwriting and that creative freedom is the main element in expression through song. Some of the best ways to realize songwriting is to analyze the songs that inspire and touch a nerve in you. Breaking down the pattern they use can sometimes act as a blueprint for your song. Not to say that copying their style is right or wrong to do, but simply copying their method of songwriting could improve and help you reach your goals as well. Covering a subject as popular as “love” in a song could be daunting since it’s the most popular one. However, expressing yourself in a new way or with a twist can set your song apart from the endless number of love songs.

Of course, there are many other subjects to write about, so whatever you’re trying to get across, make sure you have fun with it and feel comfortable with what you’ve written. There are many resources to help refine or inject something interesting or different into your lyrics. Rhyming dictionaries or online sources along with a thesaurus are quite helpful in the songwriting process. They should be considered tools for your craft rather than crutches or shortcuts. A carpenter needs tools to build his creation just as you need tools to build your song. There are times when a song will come to those without the help of anything but a thought, but that comes with training and some kind of songwriting skill which takes time to develop. Some songwriters have experienced songs coming to them in a dream or passing through them like a magical phenomenon. Keeping a recording device handy will help capture those moments of inspiration that otherwise could get lost. I’ve written many ideas on napkins, my hands, toilet paper and dictated lyrics into my answering machine and cell phone.

Collaborating on writing a song can be very exciting because most of the time, more heads are better than one. I’ve found myself stuck for a line or direction and had a collaborator continue the thought and inspire more intense focusing on getting the right words to complete a song. On one occasion I remember writing a song for Cher that needed a bridge section, and nothing was coming out right. My two collaborators had what is called “writer's block”, so I decided to free myself from the studio and head to the local park where I sat at a picnic table under a huge oak tree on a beautiful Southern California day with my pad and pen in hand. There was a small gathering of children from a local school, and they were practicing for a parade which inspired me to write the bridge to” Trail Of Broken Hearts.” “Love passes by like a small town parade. You watch from the sidewalk as love fades away. In a world full of hearts, there’s only one you can save.” The song was used in the Tom Cruise's movie, “Days Of Thunder” and went on to sell millions of copies on the soundtrack and flip side to Cher’s hit song, “Love and Understanding” written by the amazing songwriter Diane Warren.

We use the same lyric writing process for “MySongGram” clients. If you have a complete lyric or need it to be refined or improved, then we will adjust it accordingly. We can complete your lyric idea or even write something that you want to express or sing. There is no limit to what we can do to make your song come to fruition. We guide you through the process of writing a song that you can be proud of. It’s not uncommon to see many names on a song as writers. With the advent of sampling, many songs use elements of previously recorded and written songs, so it’s a law to include all the writers to a song that may contain elements of another song. This is a subject that we will cover in another section because it involves getting permission to use parts of or actual recordings from the proper owners and copyright holders. It is important to realize that original lyrics are sometimes scrutinized for their originality because it’s difficult to remain completely solitaire from a world full of songs that are telling basically the same story within three-minutes!

Songwriters are writing from personal or fantasy experiences:
- John Lennon was a songwriter-artist who wanted to spread peace and love with his songs.
- Bob Dylan touched on many subjects with a unique use of phrasing and words that changed the whole landscape of songwriting and music in the 1960’s.
- Bruno Mars writes classic type love songs, while
- Kanye West uses his word play to express many different issues and topics.
- Taylor Swift writes about her personal relationships that many can relate to which is reflective of the country music style of songwriting.

This shows that there are many styles and approaches to lyric writing. The best songs are the ones that reach you on a personal and emotional level. That separates a novice songwriter from a seasoned songwriter. The ability to marry words and music together is an amazing feat. We try our best to accomplish this for you with years of experience and know-how.


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